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Beg, Barter, Buy & Sell in Cypress, TX

12/29/2011 Categories: Family Saving Tips

Christmas TransformerI have recently found a great group on Facebook that actually allowed our family to have an extremely frugal Christmas! I want to share it with all of you, so that hopefully it will benefit you, whether you are in search of a particular item, or are looking to earn some cash selling some of your belongings.

It is called Beg, Barter, Buy & Sell in Cypress,TX. This group is made up of primarily Cypress residents who list things they have for sale or trade. You can also list things you are searching for, which is how I found a very cool Transformers toy for my son for Christmas without having to pay an arm and a leg for it!

I have been able to sell a lot of items in the group which also helped fund several Christmas purchases. Our Christmas was almost paid for by sales I made in the group! How cool is that? I won't have any credit card bills to pay off next year because of Christmas overspending! (But you may remember that my husband and I don't use credit cards any more and we have paid off all of our credit card debt!) This has been a great way to stick to our goals of not using credit cards to pay for things.

I think we'll see a lot of great things coming across the page now that Christmas is over and people are making room for all of their new gifts, so it would be a great time to check out the page!

There is also a group for Kid stuff, Multiples, Antiques, and other specific categories, as well as other areas of town so there's something out there for everyone.

Note: As with any personal sales transaction, within this group or Craigslist, please think about your safety. I always meet in a busy public location for transactions and do not give out personal information on the group's main page such as telephone numbers, addresses and when you will or will not be home!